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Congratulations, you have discovered the World's Finest Ginger Beer.

Born in the historic pubs of the British Isles in the mid-1700s, ginger beer has been a staple of English life for nearly three centuries. This spicy brew was first transported around the globe by the British Royal Navy. Ginger beer has sailed the Seven Seas on the decks of ancient naval vessels and pirate ships to be mixed with dark rum (a "dark 'n stormy"), and enjoyed at cozy beachside islands resorts in the Caribbean, where it's often mixed with beer to make a delicious ginger shandy.

From Africa to South America, ginger beer has become a time-honored favorite on nearly every continent of the world.

Ginger beer had been nearly forgotten in the U.S. after consumption peaked almost a century ago. It had a fun-loving brief resurgence with the advent of the Moscow Mule in 1941, but faded out after World War II.

Now, delicious, tangy ginger beer has been rediscovered and consumption has exploded in the U.S. marketplace. From the iconic copper mugs of the Moscow Mule, to the sweet amber glow of a dark 'n stormy, ginger beer can suddenly be found in nearly every bar and restaurant across the country. People are drinking it over ice for that spicy kick of ginger, and mixing it with everything from whiskey to tequila.

Rocky Mosele is an avid health-conscious professional. His search for the perfect ginger beer to compliment his cocktails was disappointing. There was nothing on the market that fit his standards of quality. Having just successfully launched his beverage company in 2013, he saw a void in the market for a domestically made gourmet-quality ginger beer. After researching the product and taste testing various combinations with friends, family and beverage professionals, he created a special hand-crafted recipe with real Old World taste. Rocky's Ginger Beer is a superior product with better ingredients, and available at a better price than the leading brands.

For weeks before the first bottles even hit the shelves, customers were calling in anticipation of the big release. The growth of Rocky's Ginger Beer has been extraordinary. Based in Glenview, Illinois, Rocky's Ginger Beer is hand-crafted in small batches and shipped throughout the country.

Once customers tasted the spicy sweet bite of Rocky's, they were hooked! The brand spread to more than 100 Chicago outlets within weeks, and the product has been shipping nationally since day one.

So come aboard and join the Rocky's Ginger Beer Crew! Experience for yourself what the excitement is all about! When you fill your copper mug with Rocky's Ginger Beer, you'll know you have truly tasted the World's Finest Ginger Beer.